Monday, November 22, 2010

Residential Structure Fire

On Saturday Nov. 20 at 1500 hrs stations 1 and 2 were alerted for a structure fire on Gravitt St. First units on scene advised a single story wood frame dwelling with heavy smoke showing. Interior attack found the kitchen off with some extension to the attic. All fire was extinguished, smoke removed, and overhaul was done. Station 1 units were on scene for approx. 2 hours.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to Back Structure Fires

November 14 proved to be a busy day for South Boston and Halifax Firefighters. At 12:24 Sta. 1 and 2 was alerted for a residential fire on North Main Street. Upon arrival smoke was found coming from 3 sides of the 2 story house. Entry into the house found heavy fire damage in the hallway and fire in the rear of the hallway. All fire was extinguished. Heavy fire damage was found in the hallway and back room. Heat and smoke damage was found throughout the whole house. All smoke was removed and units cleared.

For the second time on the same day at 19:35 Sta.1 and Sta. 2 units were alerted for a hot water heater smoking in a residence. It was later announced that sparks were coming from the hot water heater. Upon arrival of first arriving personnell, heavy fire was found coming from the front door and it could be seen in several windows. A quick knockdown kept the fire damage to one large room and several hallways. All searches proved negative and hazards were controlled. Ventilation was conducted and salvage operations began. No injuries to the home owner, one firefighter had a cut on his arm and had to be checked out at HRH.

Photos courtesy of Gazette Virginia

Residential Structure Fire

On October 30 station 1 and 2 were dispatched to smoke in a house. Upon arrival smoke was found coming from the eaves of the house. When crews made entry heavy smoke was found on the first floor with close to zero visability. After a search for the fire, the fire was found in the basement. Luckily the fire was mostly extinguished by a water pipe that had burnt through. Extensive overhaul was conducted. No firefighters were injured but the homeowners cat perished in the fire.

Another fire on November 2 put station 1 and 2 back to work. This time heavy fire was found on the outside of the house and through the roof. Entry to the house found fire in the attick and around a chimney/fireplace. Extensive overhaul had to be conducted to ensure that all of the hotspots were found and controlled. Units were on scene for approx. 2 hours. No injuries were reported
Photo courtesy of Gazette Virginian

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Saturday 9-25 station 1 units were dispatched to 2 seperate MVA's during the day. The first was a head on collision with one critical trapped patient. Pt. was extricated and is in critical condition.
The second incident took place on Wilborn Ave. in the middle of town. The accident was a result of a car running a stopsign and being t-boned, causing the vehicle to roll over onto its side. Fire dept. personnell started stabilization/extrication efforts. Two patients suffered critical injuries.


On 9-23 at approx. 6:10 company 1 units were dispatched to Old Cluster Springs Rd. for a MVA with entrapment and ejection. While en-route it was upgraded to 2 trapped-1ejected. Upon arrival the same was found. 1 Patient was pinned in the vehicle and the other was trapped. Extrication took approx. 15 minutes. Despite efforts of everyone, the pinned pt. coded and was unable to be revived en-route to the ER, and the other patients are in critical condition and were flown to trauma centers.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

8-31-10 At approx. 3 pm Sta. 1 and Sta. 2 fireman were called to a house fire on Maid Marian Ln. Upon arrival a single wide trailer was found with heavy smoke and fire. An interior attack was made and the fire was put out. Overhaul was conducted. All units cleared in about 2 hours.

Photo Courtesy of Gazette Virginian Newspaper..

On Sunday, August 22 South Boston fireman responded to Leigh St. with a report of a house fire at an unknown address. Upon arrival a single story house was found with heavy smoke and fire showing from the front of the house. An interior attack was made, and ventilation followed. The homeowner was transported to Halifax ER with burns. No injuries to firefighters occured.